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Aeotec Door Window Sensor 7 Z-Wave 700 ZWA011

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A contact sensor Supported by a Hubitat hub

Best-in-class size - 40% smaller than previous generation

Fastest performance - Z-Wave Plus 700 series, S2 security, Smart Start

Best-in-class battery life - up to 3 years

Largest wireless performance - 250% larger than previous generation

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Best-in-class size.
40% smaller than previous generations including Door / Window Sensor Gen5.

Best-in-class battery life.
Utilising a hardware and software configuration engineered in our Germany R&D facilities, Door / Window Sensor 7 uses up to 66% less battery power than past generations. 

Largest wireless performance.
Combining Z-Wave Plus and Z-Wave 700 series,  Door / Window Sensor 7 offers the biggest wireless distance range yet. EU edition has a 250% greater wireless range. Without the use of a power-hungry power-amplifier, this cutting-edge intelligence and security sensor can communicate device-to-device up to 100 metres or can be relayed over 400 metres 

Fastest wireless performance.
Its best-ever battery life and wireless performance are joined by the fastest wireless performance in an Aeotec sensor ever. Door / Window Sensor 7’s combination of 700 series and S2 offers a wireless and response speed 50% faster than older sensors.

More information

Door Window Sensor 7 (ZWA011) User Guide 

Set up Door/Window Sensor with Hubitat 

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